Performance Enhancements Pt1

First off, NEVER CLICK ON ANYTHING ONLINE THAT PROMISES TO SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER!!! Very frequently, those links a install things on your computer and slow them down even more. There are some that even have malicious intent. So NEVER do it!

The first recommendation that I have is go to and download CCleaner.  This is a Windows application that helps to keep the cookies, internet cache, temporary files, old programs, and orphaned registry information all cleaned up.

First thing you do is click on the “Tools” tab on the left.  You will then see a list of all the programs that you currently have installed.  Uninstall any old programs that you don’t use any more.  You could go through Control Panel to do this, but that limits you to one action at a time and this allows you to uninstall multiple at a time.  CAUTION: if you don’t remember installing the program then the best bet is to leave it, as it could be necessary for something else.

Once you have done that then click on the “Registry” tab on the left and click the “Scan for Issues” button on the bottom.  This may take a while, but after you have uninstalled all those programs this will help to remove any registry keys that were not removed in those uninstalls.  After it is done, click the “Fix selected issues…”, then click “No” to backup the registry, then “Fix All Selected Issues”, lastly, “Close”.

The last step is to click on the “Cleaner” tab on the left and click “Analyze” on the bottom.  This will search all the selected programs from the box on the left for old or unused files.  You can change the selection if you like.  When the analyzing is complete you will see a list of how much it is going to clean up for you, then hit the “Run Cleaner” once you are satisfied with the list.

I will cover other options in future posts.


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