We share information and ideas in a clear, open and timely manner.

Our Story

Beyond recycling, biking to work, or reducing energy consumption at home or in the office, our employees give back to their communities as a way of sustaining those communities. We encourage volunteerism and attention to others, not just because it's good for the community, but because it is what sustains all of us.


Bound together by our diverse talent and uncompromising values, we at Secured IT Solutions choose to work with clients that operate in environments that count and in places that matter. We believe our clients deserve a special approach to IT service delivery and transformation – one that integrates mission focus, domain knowledge, cultural understanding, security and expertise in legacy and state-of-the-art technology. It is a symbiotic relationship: our clients’ missions vitalize our performance and inspire us all to innovate together.


Our Services are Second to None



We strive for excellence in
​all we do.


Secured IT Solutions' executive team is composed of world class talent with a broad experience base. Our executives have managed small, medium, and large businesses that serve government and commercial clients across the globe. In short, Secured IT Solutions is managed by an effective and extremely knowledgeable team of the very best industry has to offer.  Our leaders must conform to and demonstrate our company’s values in both their professional and personal behavior, setting a high standard for everyone. Secured IT Solutions' leaders provide professional leadership across the company as well as across the communities we work in. This responsibility requires ethical intelligence — the ability to know what is the right thing to do in a given situation.

We have a talented group of people holding the highest qualifications ready to solve your problems!

Ranging from executive level strategic thinkers and managers to deep rooted ethical hackers. We have it all. We hold the highest level of certifications (CISSP, GSEC, GCIH, GPEN) and advanced degrees. In fact, we are proud to have two (of only 300 in the world) Master Business Continuity Professionals on our team as well as other members who instruct for large and renown cyber security institutes, organizations, and conferences like SANS, Blackhat, and Defcon.

​​We stay active in the cybersecurity threat intelligence community, so we bring you expertise that blends latest research, emerging technologies and associated vulnerabilities and threats with years of experience and knowledge.

This team will bring over 20+ years of experience in public (federal and local government) and private sectors so that the best solutions and recommendations can be provided based on a very broad knowledge base.

To be a continuously growing company, a leader in the markets we do business in, that stands out for providing top-quality services.


We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service with courtesy and respect.

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Our Commitment

Everything we do is with our client's complete satisfaction at the foremost. We work hard to ensure we are always "on the same page" and strive to become a true value added partner with our clients in resolving business or operational challenges with the most effective, innovative and robust solutions.

Our Team

We collaborate on common goals for the greater good of our clients, employees and our community.


We take ownership of our decisions and responsibility for our actions.

Everything we do will be guided by these unwavering values.

We exist to serve our customers; turning our knowledge and expertise into a value for their own benefit and provide the very best solutions to ensure their business success.

Our Promise

When you choose to engage us, we promise that we will be easy to work with, we will converse in straightforward terms.  We can interact or advise your fellow business stakeholders and we will commit to working tirelessly to help you achieve your business objectives.

We are honest and trustworthy and committed to doing the right thing.

  • Clients and partners will see us as integral to their success. We will anticipate their needs and deliver on every commitment we make.
  • People will be proud to work at Secured IT Solutions. We will create opportunities to achieve the extraordinary and we will reward success.