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With the importance IT plays in every business now, the roles of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) have become even more critical. Coupled with today's ever evolving and more complex needs as well as ever rising security threats, the CIO/CISO needs to understand the nature of your business and also how to ensure your IT systems perform optimally in a secure and cost effective manner.

If and when your CIO/CISO departs, it is imperative that some interim solution is in place to ensure your IT systems and security operations function optimally until a new replacement is hired. Unfortunately, due to the high caliber of necessary skills and experience required for these jobs, finding a suitable candidate to fill such a vacancy can be challenging. In many cases, the best solution is to use an experienced third 

party consultant that understands the role of CIO/CISO and also has considerable skill dealing with this unique set of circumstances.

Secured IT Solutions can provide you with CIO/CISO caliber experience at a fraction of the cost of an actual hire. Save time, money and resources and let us be your trusted adviser in the role of your interim CIO/CISO. Like every service we offer, we back our solutions with a team of industry experts and resources to ensure you get the best solution, information, and advice.

We offer a broad range of professional services to address our clients' most complex and critical technology-related needs. Secured IT Solutions' overarching goals are to help organizations achieve the very best results possible, with sustainable compliant IT practices, implementation of leading edge technologies, and improvement in security and IT service delivery. We achieve these goals by providing services such as IT strategic planning, Cloud strategy, BYOD in a secure environment, virtualization, Identity Management, legacy transition management, business continuity planning, vulnerability assessments, or privacy and security compliance. Vendor-independent, we bring objective, highly experienced, senior level IT leaders and project managers to every client engagement.

Our clients like working with us because we have a strong commitment to making a difference in complex environments and we are highly regarded for our pragmatic approach, best practices, and highly skilled workforce.

Interim CIO / CISO

We accomplish all this with a constant and deliberate commitment to ethical performance and integrity that is recognized as Secured IT Solutions' foundational philosophy.

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